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Texas Concrete Coating

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All About Us

Texas Concrete Coating is a family-owned company specializing in the installation of high-performance, attractive, customizable floor coatings. Using the latest polyaspartic technology ensures our floors are 4X stronger than traditional epoxy floors. Combining an exceptional product with state-of-the-art equipment guarantees you a superior product and finish. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing concrete floors or fix a job gone wrong, Texas Concrete Coating would love to provide you with a free quote.


Texas Concrete Coating utilizes the latest and best technology for your garage floors, ensuring the most durable yet elegant finish and always a job done right. 


Our goal for every job is to install your new beautiful floors within one day. The superior products we use allow you to return to your normal activity in the space within 24 hours. 


Not many products these days offer a lifetime warranty. Ours does, and on top of that, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee when your floor is complete. 

When only the best will do! 

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